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Unlocking Mobility: Correcting Childhood Rickets Deformity with Precision Surgery

A 22-year-old girl presented with a deformity of the right lower limb since childhood. On examination, it was observed that she had a deformity of both lower limbs, more severe on the right side but minimal on the left side. She had bilateral genu valgum i.e. Knock knees, with the inner side of the knee touching each other and the legs and feet going outwards. The probable cause was Vit D deficiency at a younger age i.e. Rickets. Surgery  was planned for the right side

Since surgery was planned only on one side, it was an important consideration that leg length remain equal on both sides.

An open wedge osteotomy was planned and executed with precision, and special plates, screws and instruments were to correct the deformity and ensure that the mechanical axis of the lower limb is restored to normal

The postoperative period and subsequent follow-up have been excellent with normal strength and range of movements in the knee 

Recently, 3 years after surgery, the plate and the screws have been removed and no one can make out that she had any deformity in the past. Everything is normal, except for a scar

She is now working and joined a job which requires a lot of activity

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