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Best Orthopaedic Surgeon in Delhi - Dr. Sudhir Kapoor

With 40 Years of Unwavering Orthopaedic Expertise

I bring over three decades of unwavering dedication to the field of Orthopaedic s, gained through my extensive service in renowned public and private corporate hospitals across Delhi. These institutions witnessed a daily influx of 250 to 300 outpatient cases, allowing me to gain comprehensive exposure to all types of Orthopaedic diseases.

My career has been marked by hands-on involvement in managing and supervising Orthopaedic emergencies, overseeing fully occupied large wards, and coordinating multiple operation theaters simultaneously.

Dr. Sudhir Kapoor
Dr Sudhir Kapoor

Senior Orthopaedic Consultant
MS (Ortho), FRCS (Glasgow)

40 Years of Experience, Accolades, and Honors: Celebrating Excellence in Orthopaedic Expertise


Our Service

Explore advanced joint replacement options for lasting relief from pain and improved mobility. Trust our expertise to regain an active life.

We specialize in timely and effective trauma care, ensuring you recover from injuries and fractures with exceptional outcomes.

Discover cutting-edge treatments for bone tumors with precise diagnosis and tailored therapies for better results and peace of mind.

Our compassionate care focuses on children’s Orthopaedic conditions, helping them grow up strong and pain-free.

Experience quicker recovery and less discomfort with our minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures, designed to restore your active lifestyle.

Comprehensive solutions for foot and ankle issues, ensuring you can walk and move comfortably. Rely on our expertise for a pain-free life.

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What makes us different



We take our responsibility for your Orthopaedic health seriously. Our team is dedicated to providing expert care, accurate diagnoses, and tailored treatment plans to help you regain mobility and live pain-free.



Our unwavering commitment to your Orthopaedic health drives us to stay at the forefront of medical advancements. We are dedicated to delivering personalized solutions that align with your unique needs and goals.



Trust is the foundation of our practice. Patients from all walks of life have placed their trust in Dr. Sudhir Kapoort for Orthopaedic care. We are committed to earning and maintaining your trust with exceptional expertise and care.

Awards And Honors

Awards And Honors

President IOA 2016
WRA(USA) World record holder for free surgeries
Awarded “outstanding teacher among clinicians” by ANBAI 2018
MCI inspector, NBE appraiser, PG examiner to several universities
”Vishisht Chikitsa Ratan award “ by Delhi medical association, 2018
Emeritus Teacher award by ANBAI 2019
Visiting Professor, All India Institute of Medical Sciences Rishikesh
Visiting Professor (National), The Tamil Nadu Dr M.G.R National Medical University, Chennai
Member board of studies, Banaras Hindu National University, 2015
Member Board of Studies, Aligarh Muslim University 2015

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Honoring Remarkable Achievements: Our Guests of Honor


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What our patients say about ourservices

Yukti Sharma
Yukti Sharma
Best Dr
Manov Parasar
Manov Parasar
Doctor sudhir Kapoor is a very experienced and highly intelligent doctor. I came here when a doctor from very reputed hospital suggested a lower back surgery but dr.sudhir cured me with medicines and exercises. I am very grateful to him. Doctor sudhir is indeed an angel for me.
Best Dr in Delhi Dr Sudhir Kumar Kapoor
Jagminder Singh
Jagminder Singh
I had a remarkable interaction with Dr. Sudhir Kapoor, which left me feeling uplifted. The environment surrounding him, including his team and staff, exudes positivity. Simply seeing his happy face and our conversations about the health reduce half of my concerns. Last month (Oct 2023), he successfully performed right knee and left forearm (Fractured) implant surgeries on my wife with exceptional expertise and ease. Even during her post-surgery recovery, he continues to provide her with excellent care, and she is steadily improving day by day. I express my deepest gratitude to “The Great Dr. Sudhir Kapoor” for his invaluable medical care and treatment. I deeply recommend anyone seeking his guidance and placing complete trust in him.
nancy bansal
nancy bansal
My experience with Dr. Sudhir Kapoor was extraordinary. I always felt a positive aura emanating from him. His smiling face alone took away half of my worries. He performed my Genu Valgum (2019) and Implant Removal (2023) surgery so smoothly. I would highly recommend anyone to take his advice and trust him blindly.
sehaj pahwa
sehaj pahwa
I recently underwent shoulder surgery performed by Dr. Kapoor, and I couldn't be happier with the results. From the initial consultation to the post-operative care, Dr. Kapoor and their team exhibited expertise, and genuine care. My recovery has been smooth and swift. I am grateful for their exceptional work and highly recommend Dr. Sudhir Kapoor to anyone seeking top-notch surgical care.
Best doctor of ortho n spine specialist
Best doctor for Orthopaedic problems.


Frequently asked questions

Knee Pain

The most common reason of knee pain, after the age of 45-50 years, is Osteoarthritis, which is broadly a consequence of the ageing process.
Obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, and lack of exercise increase the severity. Further females, particularly from north India, are genetically more prone.

There is joint cartilage degeneration and low-grade inflammation initially. Because of degeneration, cartilage loses its thickness. It is reflected in reduced joint space, on X-rays, particularly on the inner side. The joint fluid may get reduced and joint lubrication suffers. Small bony projections, called osteophytes appear at the margins of the joint surface and the patient’s pain increases. Gradually, joint swelling, lateral subluxation of joints and bowing of the legs appear.

Initially, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines to control pain, cartilage protective medicines, specially designed knee exercises, weight control, and lifestyle changes. Later joint injections and surgery become essential.

What are the different injections, which are given to treat knee osteoarthritis?

  • Depo preparation of steroids
  • Viscosupplementation (Synthetic joint fluid)
  • PRP (platelet-rich plasma) 
  • Surgery to correct bow legs ( genu /tibia vara)
  • Partial joint replacement
  • Total joint replacement

Vitamin D

It is very common nowadays, almost 80 percent of the Indian urban population has some degree of vitamin-D deficiency.

It has become so widespread because of the sedentary office lifestyle of normal citizens. large amount of vitamin-D source is sunlight. Due to the working conditions, people do not get enough sunlight. Further, the city pollution does not allow the vitamin-D forming sun rays to reach the earth. 

Fish, eggs, mushrooms, milk and milk products, fortified orange juices 

In growing children, it is called rickets. It causes many bony deformities – an apparent deformity is knock knees or genu valgum


In adults, Vitamin D deficiency is called osteomalacia . Common symptoms are diffuse body pains, lethargy, muscle spasm, bony tenderness and in advanced cases, fractures may occur

After the relevant investigations and x-rays, once the diagnosis is established, the patient is given vitamin D either as injections or oral form, along with calcium supplements. Deformities in children may require surgery.


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